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ComponentGo WebScheduler is not compatible with VS 2012 with .NET Framework 4.5


Dear Helpdesk,

I would like to know some information on ComponentGo web scheduler.

We have been using ComponentGo.Web.Schedulers.dll control in our Web site which was developed in VS 2010 with .NET framework 4.0.

Now, we have planned to upgrade our project to VS2012 with .NET framework 4.5.

Hence I have installed VS 2012 ( .NET framework 4.5), in my machine and all the sites in my local started throwing javascript errors related to Web Scheduler when browsed using IE.
But the same works fine with Firefox browser.

The current component GO web Scheduler version which we are using is 4.0.

Seems that ComponentGo.Web.Schedulers.dll 4.0 is now not compatible with .NET Framework 4.5.

Could you please let me know if we have next version of ComponentGo.Web.Schedulers which is compatible with .NET Framework 4.5.

Thanks and Regards,